Long-Term Storage: How To Store A Sweet 16 Dress Properly

You might think that storing special garments only involves folding the piece in a box and stacking it in your storage unit. But special garments, like a sweet 16 dress, should be taken care of properly to ensure longevity. The following is a guide that might help you store your dress in a storage unit safely.  Cleanliness Matters More Than You Think A party like a sweet sixteen, is a beautiful event.

Take A Load Off: How To Protect Your Back While Moving

Back injuries are pretty common.  In fact, at some point in their lifetime, an estimated 75 to 85 percent of Americans will deal with back pain.  Lifting heavy objects, as you often do when you move, is one of the top causes for back pain.  Luckily, there are ways to protect your back while moving. Pack Boxes Properly If you pack your moving boxes properly, you'll be less likely to injure your back.

City Living: How To Best Utilize Your Small Apartment Space

When you move to a big city apartment, you tend to spend more money for less space. In most cases, you won't have enough room for all of your belongings. It's frustrating to have to downsize, especially if your stay in an apartment is short-term. Instead of selling all of your items for a fraction of what they're worth, you may want to take a considerable amount of time to examine your space and determine the best way to organize your stuff.

Closets Cluttered With Clothing: Why A Self-Storage Unit May Be Ideal

Are all of the closets in your home cluttered with clothes because you have a shopping addiction? It is not good to have a cluttered home because it makes it a great place for rodents to reside, so you may want to consider a self storage rental. In this article, discover why a self-storage rental is ideal for storing clothing that you don't wear and how much the rental will cost on a monthly basis.

Self-Storage For Your Valuable Items

Do you have large valuable items that you don't want others to know that you have, or that you don't want to store in or outside of your home? If so, the perfect solution may be a self-storage unit. The units come in a variety of sizes, and no one will see what you have in your unit. This is ideal for anything from a car or recreational vehicle, to sporting equipment or furniture.