Tips For Storing Your Wood Furniture In A Storage Unit

There are a number of reasons why you may want to place your wood furniture in a storage unit. You may have your home on the market and are using staged pieces instead of your furniture. You may be in between places. Or you may have inherited pieces that you aren't sure what to do with yet. Regardless of why you are placing the wooden pieces in storage, the goal is to have the pieces come out of storage in the same condition as when they went in. Here are some tips that will help you accomplish that goal.

Consider Using a Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

Temperatures and weather can affect your wood furniture. Heat can dry the wood out, causing it to split. High humidity levels can dampen the wood, causing it to rot. A climate-controlled facility controls the temperature and humidity levels inside of the facility, helping to keep your wood furniture safe. Storage facilities labeled as furniture storage facilities typically are also climate-controlled, so keep this in mind as you look for a facility.

Polish the Wood Before Placing it Into Storage

Another tip for storing wood furniture in a self storage unit is to polish the wood with your preferred wood polish before placing the item into storage. This will help ensure your wood has the moisture it needs to protect it from drying out and splitting or cracking.

Keep the Wood Off the Ground

When you are ready to place wood furniture in a self storage unit, try to keep the wood furniture off of the ground. Air circulation helps to protect the wood. It also helps to keep your furniture off of the concrete floor pad which can get hot or cold if you are not in a climate-controlled facility. One way to do this is to place your wood furniture on pallets. The pallets allow air to circulate while keeping your wood off of the floor.

Use Cat Litter to Absorb Moisture

The last tip for storing your wood furniture in a storage unit is to place a bag of opened clay-based cat litter in your storage unit. The cat litter helps to absorb any excess moisture in the air, helping to prevent this moisture from causing damage to your furniture.

There are different ways you can protect your wood furniture against damage when you are storing it. Using a climate-controlled facility is one of the best options. Polishing the wood before placing it into storage, keeping the wood off the concrete pad in the facility and using cat litter to absorb moisture are other options. The more steps you take to protect your wood furniture, the less likely it will be that it will be damaged during the storage process. You can read more here.