Three Ways A Self-Storage Facility Can Prove That It Cares About The Earth

If you're running a self-storage business, claiming to be earth-friendly is the cool thing to do. But if you really are earth-friendly, you'll need to prove it by doing more than just sourcing green energy. That's a great start, but there's so much more to running a green business. You can choose green options for your facility upkeep, facilitate re-use in multiple areas, and inspire your customers to join you in your fight to save the environment. Here are three practical ways you can start making good on your claims to be Earth-friendly.

1. Providing re-use and recycling options

Since disposable paper products that end up in landfills are one of the many scourges that the environment has to deal with, you can start by reducing the amount of packaging that you and your customers throw away.

Set up an area where customers can pass on their cardboard boxes to the next person who needs them. Then, source new boxes made of 100% recycled material to pick up the slack when there are no used boxes available. Be sure to close the recycling loop by providing easily accessible recycling stations for damaged and worn out boxes.

Another way you can encourage re-use is by providing an area for customers to drop off anything that they don't want to keep and are tired of storing. These "donated" items can then be taken to a nearby charity thrift shop, keeping them out of a landfill. 

2. Informing customers about their responsibility and options

Use posters throughout the facility to educate your customers. These posters can include recycling facts, statistics about how throwing things away hurts the environment, ideas about alternative packaging methods that don't include packing peanuts, and more.

You can also provide each new customer with literature (in the form of a brochure or pamphlet) about other ways to live a greener lifestyle. Your company's website is another good place for more info like this.

3. Green building and maintenance

If you're building a facility from scratch, there are all kinds of green building options you can choose. But even if you've already finished the building or opted to re-use an existing facility (which is definitely a greener choice than building your own), you can select green maintenance and upkeep solutions. Energy efficient lighting is a popular place to start. Not only does it save energy, it also saves you money in the long run. Some other building and grounds maintenance options for your green business include:

  • Collecting stormwater for re-use in landscaping
  • Plant trees near your facility for shade
  • Coat your facility's roof with a "cool roof coating" to reflect heat and increase roof lifespan
  • Support local businesses (such as buying landscape plants at local nurseries rather than at big hardware stores)
  • Have building maintenance crew use natural cleaning products

These are just a few of the options you can start to incorporate into your business practices today in order to improve the environmental friendliness of your business.

Use these three suggestions to guide your quest for environmental responsibility. Be sure to enlist your customers for the cause as well. Try to inspire them to not only live more sustainable lives but also to be advocates for the environment wherever they go. For more information on storage services, contact Fidelity Moving & Storage Co Inc.