Long-Term Storage: How To Store A Sweet 16 Dress Properly

You might think that storing special garments only involves folding the piece in a box and stacking it in your storage unit. But special garments, like a sweet 16 dress, should be taken care of properly to ensure longevity. The following is a guide that might help you store your dress in a storage unit safely. 

Cleanliness Matters More Than You Think

A party like a sweet sixteen, is a beautiful event. This event usually includes a lot of activities, like dancing and food. That means different types of particles might make their way onto the sweet sixteen garment. So cleaning your garment before storing is imperative to ensure its safety. The reason is these food particles and oils will attract insects to the storage unit over time. These insects may eat more than just the oils and particles. They may also eat fabric. 

Just so you know, some stains could have some acidic content. The acidic content may cause discoloration, especially if left untreated for a long time. Make sure you take your garment to your dry cleaner before storing it to help prevent the aforementioned problems.

Choose The Right Packaging

You want to stay away from plastic bags. Plastic bags may trap moisture, which could encourage mold or mildew growth. The right packaging is an acid-free garment box. Normal boxes may contain acid that---as mentioned earlier--may stain or discolor your garment over time. Be sure to purchase a box large enough to avoid over-folding. Long-term storage can make a crease impossible to remove. 

Find the Right Storage Unit Facility

The storage facility that you choose can make a big difference concerning your sweet sixteen dress. The first thing you have to make sure of is that the storage unit has a temperature control unit. Temperature control should protect your garments from too much moisture, which can lead to mold or mildew. Not to mention that a cooler temperature keeps bugs away. Remember that the ideal temperature is 75 degrees.

The second thing that a good storage unit offers is that it will block sunlight from hitting your garment. Sunlight, as you know, can discolor your dress. 

As you can see, storing a sweet sixteen dress takes a little more work than you thought. And remember to talk to your storage specialist for any other tips that may help keep your garment as safe as possible. Contact a company like El Cajon Mini Storage for more information.