Closets Cluttered With Clothing: Why A Self-Storage Unit May Be Ideal

Are all of the closets in your home cluttered with clothes because you have a shopping addiction? It is not good to have a cluttered home because it makes it a great place for rodents to reside, so you may want to consider a self storage rental. In this article, discover why a self-storage rental is ideal for storing clothing that you don't wear and how much the rental will cost on a monthly basis.

What Makes a Self-Storage Rental Ideal for Clothing Cluttering a Home?

Renting a self-storage will give you the opportunity to free up your closets for storing items that you actually use. By removing the clothing that you don't wear, it will make it easier to pick outfits each day because you won't have to do a lot of looking. You will also find that your stored away clothing will be safe in a self-storage unit, especially if you opt for one that is climate controlled.

A climate-controlled unit will give you the ability to keep the temperature regulated to prevent too much moisture. You don't want your clothes exposed to a lot of moisture because it can lead to them getting damaged from mold or smelly like mildew. A climate-controlled unit will also be located inside of a building, which means you will have more security that your items will be safe during bad weather.

You may want to think about renting a unit that is large enough to put portable clothing racks inside. The portable racks will allow you to keep your clothing organized in the storage unit in case you decide to wear one of the outfits.

What Does it Cost to Rent a Self-Storage Unit?

You will want to make sure a unit is rented that will not only have enough space for the clothing that you have, but also for other items that you may want to store in the future. A storage unit space of an exceptional size like 10x20 feet will cost a minimum of $170 per month if you opt for one that is climate controlled. However, you will also have the option to rent a unit that is smaller or larger, depending on your needs and budget.

Don't use up closet spaces by overcrowding them with clothing you don't wear. Invest in a monthly self-storage rental that will give you all of the space you need without having to clutter up your home!