Self-Storage For Your Valuable Items

Do you have large valuable items that you don't want others to know that you have, or that you don't want to store in or outside of your home? If so, the perfect solution may be a self-storage unit. The units come in a variety of sizes, and no one will see what you have in your unit. This is ideal for anything from a car or recreational vehicle, to sporting equipment or furniture.

Not all facilities are going to have the same security measures, so it's worth taking the time to ask each storage provider about their property, and about the following things.

Security Cameras

Pick a facility that has security cameras that reach all areas of the facility so no storage unit is left out, and that has the cameras running 24 hours a day. If someone is there and they are trying to break into your storage unit, you'll want to know about it.

Locking Devices

A padlock isn't going to protect your valuable items from being stolen, but you want to find a facility that has the doors locked with cylinder locks. Keypad entry locks are also reliable. A padlock can be opened with a pair of bolt cutters someone can easily use, so don't trust your items with any type of padlock or chain lock.

Lease Screening

Can anyone come to the storage place and get a unit, or do the tenants have to be screened? A lot of times thieves will rent a unit, just so they have access to break in to other units on the property. If you find a location that does a background or credit check, this could be helpful because you know the other tenants have been screened.

Insurance Considerations

Does the storage facility require that you have insurance, or do they offer it? You are going to want it, because you never know what can happen. Ask your renters or homeowners insurance provider if they cover items in a storage facility, and if not, get a separate policy.

If you don't want people to know that you have a classic car or that you bought a jet ski in the winter, have it stored in a self-storage facility and don't worry about others getting to it. There are many different facility options, but it's important to pick a place like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights where you know your valuable assets will be safe.