How To Pack And Store Your Seasonal Silk Flowers And Candles

Do you have an extensive collection of silk flowers and candles that you use to decorate your home for each season and holiday? Storing silk flowers and candles must be done just right or the flowers will become misshaped and discolored and the candles can lose their form. Here, you will learn how to pack up your silk flower and candles and store them in a local storage facility in an organized manner.

Packing Silk Flowers

Step 1: Clean the Flowers

You don't want to pack your silk flowers with dust on them. Doing so could cause the flowers to become discolored. To clean the flowers, use a feather duster to knock the dust off. You can also use a can of compressed air to blow the dust from the flowers.

Tip: If using compressed air to clean your flowers, be sure to spray a small amount of air away from the flowers before blowing it on them. This will help eliminate any moisture in the can and prevent it from spraying moisture onto the flowers.

Step 2: Box the Flowers

For the absolute best results, find a box for each arrangement. Packing multiple arrangements in a single box could cause them to become squished and misshaped. Before you pack the flowers in the box, wrap each one loosely with tissue paper. If the arrangement does not fit snugly in the box, crumple tissue paper and tuck it around the arrangement so that it doesn't shift during transport.

Put all of the small boxes in larger boxes and label the box with a list of the contents. Try to keep each season of flowers together to make it easier for you to retrieve them when you need them.

Packing Candles

Candles require a lot less care than silk flowers, but they must still be given special care to keep them in good condition for the next use.

Trim the burnt wick so that the burned wick does not break off and cause the candle to become discolored. Wrap each candle in plastic wrap so that they do not rub together and become damaged or smeared with the neighboring candle's color.

Lay the candles flat in a box. Do not store too many candles in one box because they can become very heavy and actually compress the candles at the bottom of the box.

Once you have everything labeled in boxes, it is time to take them to your storage unit. Be sure to choose a climate controlled storage unit so that the decorations are not damaged by changing temperatures and moisture. Place each box in the storage unit in an organized manner so you can easily find what you need when you need it. If you are looking for a storage unit, try a company like Epic Group Inc.